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rose haskell, taranaki marriage celebrant

Hi You! I am a New Plymouth based Marriage Celebrant who travels and officiates all kinds of ceremonies!

Before becoming a marriage celebrant, I married my husband Dane in the spring of 2013. We have two young daughters – Zarnie, born in 2012 and Evanee, born in 2014.

As well as bringing up my two little girls, I am the Coordinator of the Employment & Recruitment branch of the Starfish Group Project Ltd. I assist 18-24 year olds with their CVs & Cover Letters; Job Search; Employment Coaching and engage in post-placement support with my clients and their new employers.

I was born in Whakatane and have moved all around the Bay of Plenty and Waikato with my mother and step-father as they worked in the Dairy Farming Industry. We settled in the Eastern Bay township of Otakiri/Edgecumbe where I attended Edgecumbe College.

I went on to achieve an Honours Degree in Social Sciences, majoring in Sociology and Political Science at the University of Waikato.

I have two brothers and two sisters: Ela, born in 1991; Joel & Aidan, twins, born in 2002 and Breanah, born in 2005. My mother resides with her partner in Whakatane and my dad with his wife in Blenheim.

My interests include drinking Sangria and eating platters, surfing Facebook, watching Zombie shows and Keanu Reeves movies (ok, just John Wick), hanging out with my children and friends, and a newly found interest and skill in website building (thanks Hogan Chua!)

I nurture a culture of inclusion and sustainability in my personal life. I value all people, and therefore acknowledge them as my equals and take a genuine interest in them, never ignoring anyone I know. I do what I can to create a healthier, more sustainable environment for future generations such as recycling and conserving water as a start.

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I was at a wedding, back in February 2015 and at that wedding, friends of ours who were planning their nuptials the following summer asked my husband about the prospect of becoming a celebrant to officiate their wedding. He was open to the idea, so we asked the celebrant who officiated the wedding we were at what it took to become a marriage celebrant.

She walked us through the process and the looked me smack bam in the face and said “hey, you’d be a good celebrant”. I asked why, and she explained that, to become a celebrant, you must show that you fill a certain gap in your community. For me it was that I was young and I was also of maori descent. A couple of weeks later, I said to my husband (quite embarrassed, knowing I was going to rain on his parade) that I quite liked the idea of this celebrant thing. Knowing how ‘in the present’ I lived, also taking in to account at that time our children were 1 and 2 years old, he said not to do it. But, for the second time in our entire relationship, I DEFIED HIM!

I started the application process in February 2015, and was eventually registered as a Celebrant in July 2015.

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  • About Me
  • About Me
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i am a member of a number of professional organisations

Marriage Celebrant


I am a member of the Celebrants Association of New Zealand.

The Celebrants Association of New Zealand (CANZ) provides access to professional celebrants with a commitment to quality service, professional standards and ethics.


You can find me in the Taranaki Weddings directory.

Taranaki Weddings is your one stop shop for all your wedding needs and I am honoured to be in among some of Taranaki’s finest wedding vendors.

Marriage Celebrant

taranaki young professionals


I am a member of the Taranaki Young Professionals.

Taranaki Young Professionals is a networking group that provides education and social opportunities for young professionals in the region to meet, learn and have some fun. Boy do I have fun at the TYP events!!